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Since the Photography at the Summit Nature Workshop began in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, hundreds of students have attended and grown into being accomplished professional photographers. As a new participant, or up and coming photographer, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine the path that will lead to a professional career. It’s different for everyone, but if you listen to the advice of our faculty (they have over 200 combined years of experience!), they will almost always and unanimously say to follow your personal interests. The professional world is competitive and intimidating, but we all have personal interests, stories, and connections that can make an exciting career very possible. There are a lot of success stories amongst the Summit Workshops alumni (AKA the Summit Family) and we thought it would be fun to catch up with a few to hear about their exciting work and how their careers have developed and evolved.

For the first installment of this series we sat down with Jennifer Leigh Warner, a nature and conservation photographer from California. Jennifer is the owner of Experience Wildlife and among a variety of other exciting and interesting projects, is an active conservationist and contributing member to the North American Nature Photography Association. Jennifer is also no stranger to the Summit Workshop and as you will read, has attended several over the years. Jennifer was the recipient of the 2017 ‘Spirit of the Workshop’ Award and we are excited that she will be joining us as a great resource at the workshop in 2018!

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Photography Do's and Don'ts Do's and Don'ts of Taking Photos of Wildlife by Marcia Sivek of BeProvided Conservation Radio Podcast Photos by Jennifer Leigh Warner


Most of us love animals and we love to see them in the wild. It is also incredible to show friends and family members the amazing animals we see. Our podcast interview on BeProvided Conservation Radio with Jennifer Leigh Warner of Experience Wildlife Photography, got me to thinking of my own past interactions with animals. Have I gotten too close to get the once in a life time picture? Have I put myself and the animal at risk? To be honest, I probably have. It is an incredible rush to see a wild animal close to you and our egos all want us to share this rush with others! So we take selfies which cause us to not pay attention to our surroundings, turn our backs to wild animals and get too close for comfort.

Listen in on Jennifer's interview with BeProvided on September 19, 2017, to get some tips on how and why we need to observe wildlife at a safe and respectable distance. Being at a respectable distance allows the wildlife to behave in a natural way. It is very OK to love nature and wildlife, just do so mindfully for your own good and the good of the animal.

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Be Provided Conservation Radio - Podcast

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